Micro Drone Mini Game 2016


  • Singapore Indoor Stadium


  • Micro Drone related mini game to assist in a marketing event of an airline company.



Members of public whom signed up to receive newsletters from the company were offered an opportunity to participate in a micro drone mini game with very attractive prizes to be won.

As part of the mini game, participants where required to fly the micro drone to specific locations and land the drone successfully on a small designated spot. Participants with the fastest completion time for each day were awarded prizes.

Outside competition hours, fun fly session was held for members of the public to have a hands on experience on flying a micro drone.



Tiny Whoop Invitational Race Singapore 2017


  • Singapore Federation of Chinese Clans Association


  • Introduction to micro drone racing for tertiary students.



Participants from NUS, NTU, SUTD, Air Scouts and invited pilots from hobby groups in Singapore taking part in a one day race event organised by us and RDD.

Video: https://youtu.be/OAV7oTKU4hk



 Urban Whoop Race - February 2018


  • Block 71, NUS Enterprise


  • Race event held for Mitsubishi Research Institute, NUS Enterprise and Koh Sueda (NUS Research).



Specific design of circuit required to facilitate a survey/test on various aspects of multi rotor racing.

Video: https://youtu.be/HMhaNdaoAY0



Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2018 - April 2018


  • Science Centre Singapore


  • Supported Science Centre Singapore in the running of a micro drone race event for schools, Category C2 FPV Flying.



Challenge students to fly in a simple track in First-Person View. Competition consists of approximately 50 teams.