Video Channel Selection

There are 2 buttons (CH and FR) that can manually select the correct channel and
frequency band. The table below shows the channel and frequency band map with
the respective frequency number. This is the recommended way to change channels
to the correct frequency on tinyhawk. The CH button will cycle through the channel
number (1-8) while the FR button will cycle through the frequency band
(A,B,E,F,R,H). The frequency band and channel number will be shown in the upper
right corner of the screen when cycling through channels.
Tip: Make sure tinyhawk is powered on. When cycling through channels it will be
easier to spot the correct one with the video feed from tinyhawk.
Caution: Make sure the goggles are on the correct channel that tinyhawk is on. The
current selected band and channel of tinyhawk is shown in the lower right corner of
the screen.