Changing Bands and RX Channels:

The Band (CH+) and Channel (CH-) buttons are used to go through the different RX options to find the wireless video channel that you want to view.

A short press on CH+/CH- will cycle through the 8 channels of the current band that you are on. As you cycle through the channels, the OSD will show the new channel. (Has removed the type of video signal) Additionally, the LED on top of the Scout will light up with a color that corresponds to your current channel if you are using Race Band. This allows for a very quick indicator that can be used when trying to get your transmitter and headset on the same channel. It is also helpful when flying with others as they can quickly look around and determine which channels are taken.

A long press on the Band button will cycle through the different RX bands in the following default order. Fat Shark to Race Band to Band E to Band B to Band A and then back to Fat Shark Band. The selectable bands can be adjusted by the user in the Options Menu.