The Beginning

Stumbled across some of the legends through Youtube, found the awesomeness of fPV flight but mainly inspired by Charpu, Skitzo, FinalGlideAus & Steele, we decided to jump head first into the unknown world of FPV drone flying!!!

Many hours of countless reading, watching Youtube, that is the only way you can get any decent knowledge and piece them together to hopefully understand the complexity of assembling your first quadcopter.

Moreover with the scarcity of components available locally means you will need to purchase parts internationally and wait for weeks.

Once your parts arrived, you can start building and pray your craft with soldering and electronics are suffficient not to produce any magic smoke. Overcoming all these obstacles, you will be able to maiden your first flight and please pray it don't break during flight.


That's how we build in the past, there is no tiny/micro whoop category that can allow a more newbie (a person with 0% knowledge trying out something totally new) person to venture into.



The Present

With the birth of micro/tiny whoop category, it makes quadcopter / drone flying more accessible to general public or newbies.

So it presents a timely opportunity to use this relatively harmless drone to educate public on drone flying, 



Services Offered

 We organises micro drone events such as races, fun fly sessions, public out reach program and drone related mini game for public interaction.


We also source for quality / innovative drone / quadcopter parts to bring in for our local community.

Currently we carried numerous major brands and are the dealer of:

  • Armattan
  • BetaFPV
  • BoldClash
  • BrotherHobby
  • Emax
  • Matek
  • NewBeeDrone


Products for other brands available as well, kindly check out our lazada shop.